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Accurate. Reliable. Efficient.


Introducing the Freelap Space Unit Pro Transmitter – your ultimate companion for precision timing in sports training and performance analysis. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this state-of-the-art transmitter redefines the way athletes and coaches measure and optimize their training sessions.


Key Features:


Wireless Precision Timing: The Freelap Space Unit Pro Transmitter boasts seamless wireless connectivity, allowing for accurate and reliable timing of athletic performances. Experience the freedom of untethered training while still obtaining precise data.


Versatile Application: Whether you're a sprinter looking to shave off milliseconds, a team coach managing multiple athletes, or a fitness enthusiast tracking personal progress, this transmitter adapts to various sports and training scenarios with ease.


Advanced Antenna System: Equipped with an advanced antenna system, the Space Unit Pro ensures extended range and enhanced signal stability, even in challenging environments. Say goodbye to interference and focus on the data that matters.


User-Friendly Interface: The transmitter features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for athletes and coaches of all levels. Effortlessly navigate through settings, review data, and streamline your training regimen.


Durable Design: Built to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions, the Freelap Space Unit Pro Transmitter is crafted with durability in mind. Its robust construction ensures longevity, providing a reliable tool for continuous use in diverse athletic settings.


Real-Time Feedback: Instantly analyze and assess performance metrics with real-time feedback. The Space Unit Pro delivers accurate split times and intervals, enabling athletes and coaches to make data-driven decisions on the spot.


Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate the Space Unit Pro into your existing training technology ecosystem. Connect with compatible devices and software for a comprehensive analysis of performance data.


Elevate your training experience with the Freelap Space Unit Pro Transmitter – where precision meets versatility. Unleash your full athletic potential by harnessing the power of accurate timing and performance data. Upgrade your training sessions and achieve new heights with Freelap.

Freelap Space Unit Pro Transmitter

359,14 €Prix
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